Let us prove precision is back.



PTx Irons Trial FT. WORTH Irons Trial  TK Wedges Trial FT. WORTH hi Iron Trial VKTR Hybrid Trial


We’ve told you how the Ben Hogan irons and wedges are truly better golf clubs. Now, we’d like to show you… not on a website, not in a video, not in a store or on a range.

We’d like to put a couple of them in your hands on your course… built to your specifications.

  1. Choose your model of irons or wedges.
    (Lofts are pre-selected)
  2. Select the shaft that matches your game.
    (Length & Grip size are set to standard)
    (Lie can be adjusted by request)
  3. We’ll deliver a trial set for you to try.
  4. Put them to the test and tell us how they did.

All we ask is that you pay $19.95 to cover shipping both ways for each Trial Pack. Try them out for 21 days and tell us what you think.

Compare them against your clubs. Compare them against demos at your club or course. 

Once you see what these clubs can do, we’ll be happy to build yours.

If you decide to purchase a set of wedges or irons upon returning your trial set, the amount you paid in shipping will be applied to your order.

NOTE: The clubs you received are DEMO Clubs for your personal trial only. Please do your testing and return then within 21 days of receipt to avoid being charged for the full retail price.